Download Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu Freeware

Explorer Context Menu  v.0.3

Puts the explorer shell context menu into the playlist Gives you access to the standard Windows right click menus from within Winamp for files in the playlist.Be able to access the properties of files, Cut and Copy files, delete files, and more -

Context Menu (Shell Extension)  v.1.0

ContextMenu is a free configurable shell extension allowing users to define their own menu items to be included in the Windows Explorera

Plugin to Open Folder in Explorer/Shell  v.1.0.0

An eclipse plug-in for opening a selected file/folder in the file explorer/shell. Supported in both Windows (Tested in Windows XP - Eclipse 3.3.1) and Linux (Tested in FC8 - Eclipse Ganymede). Welcome to contribute to this

Context Menu Editor  v.1.1

Context Menu Editor is a freeware tweaking utility to add/delete application shortcuts, Win32 commands, files, and website urls to your desktop and folder context menu.

OCX QuickView Context Menu  v.1.0

The OCX QuickView tool is another registration file. This tool adds the QuickView context menu command to the popup menu for ocx files to launch the system viewer tool QuickView. Available as both a zip and a reg file, the reg file version will

OCX/DLL RegSvr Context Menu  v.1.0

The OCX/DLL RegSvr Context Menu is a registration file which, when merged into your registry by double clicking or installing, adds Register and Unregister commands to the context menu displayed when right-clicking a ocx or dll file. This is a

Right Click Context Menu Extender

Right Click Context Menu Extender supports the useful help to users by an effective tool

Shell Script Menu  v.

Shell Script Menu gives shell scripters a way to give users real menus instead of just text fields with options that are typed in.

Context Menu History  v.1.0

When right-clicking on a page, a new menu item appears which shows the history for the current tab.

Dolphin context menu menubar  v.4.4.3

"Open terminal here" for Dolphin

Menu and Context Menu for Silverlight  v.

This project started out after I found nothing

Windows Registry Shell  v.1.5

A Windows registry DOS-style command line shell. Provides a complete feature set of all Windows registry functions on keys, values, imports, exports, hives, and symlinks. Provides common command line shell functions such as tab

Lightweight ZIP Context Menu for Win2k  v.1.0

Right-click and unzip, right-click and create zip files, and the software is FREE. For Windows power users who don't want an intrusive ZIP program that gets it's hooks into *everything*, ZCM is the perfect alternative.

Delete Junk Context Menu  v.

Adds Delete Mail Marked as Junk to folders right click

Universal Viewer Free  v.4.3

Universal Viewer Free 4.3 is specially a powerful file viewer which supports a wide range of formats. Application is fully Unicode-compatible and can be integrated into Windows Explorer's context menu, so there is no problem to call it from anywhere

ContextMenuExt  v.1.0

A Shell Context menu extension using COM

CBX Shell  v.4.6

Windows Explorer thumbnail and infotip extensions for image archives

Shell Extension Manager  v.101

Shell Extension Manager helps you activate / deactivate MS Windows shell extensions in order to improve the stability and speed of your computer. Your actions with this program could fail your Windows Explorer Shell! Use with

WOW64Menu  v.1.0.0

WOW64Menu 1.0.0 is known as a free yet flexible program which enables using shell context menu of 32-bit applications on x64 editions of Windows. It adds "Show WOW64 Menu" command to context menu of objects on Desktop and in Windows Explorer. When

Instant ThumbView Free Edition  v.1.0

Instant ThumbView is a tiny image viewer that displays image thumbnails in a popup window when mouse pointer is hovered over it in Windows Explorer. It supports a lot of popular image file formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG and lot more.

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